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Transform Your Space with Pipe & Drape

Posted: July 07, 2017

Are you planning an upcoming event? There are many ways to decorate a space, but few will make a large impact on a tight budget the way that pipe & drape will. Pipe & drape provides a background and divides space to make your even space functional. Find out just a few of the ways that pipe & drape can work for your next event.

A Backdrop for School Dances

School dances are the perfect opportunity to set up photo ops. Everyone will be looking for the best place to pose and pipe & drape can set up that spot. Choose a fabric in a color that will work well with the dance's theme. Setting up spotlights will add a great effect. Students will love the space dedicated to having their pictures taken.

Creating a Clean Slate at Weddings

Those planning weddings often have a clear vision of the look they want to create. Unfortunately, not all venues come with the perfect space to carry out that vision. Pipe & drape can often solve the problem. Set up the rentals and let them create a neutral space. Choose a package that combines pipe & drape to act as walls, along with ceiling draping, and you'll have a blank slate to decorate in any way you wish.

Promoting Your Small Business

Those who run small businesses will find many uses for pipe & drape. From creating booths to sell products at trade shows to setting up backdrops to photograph products, pipe & drape can be a cost effective solution to marketing products. Pipe & drape is easy to set up and can allow a space to be easily customized to promote a business.

How will you use pipe & drape at your next event? If you're in Chino, West Covina, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, or surrounding areas, iPartyPalace can help ensure that your event will be a success.