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Terms & Conditions

  1. Indemnity/Hold Harmless: Customer will take all necessary precautions regarding the items rented and protect all person and property from injury or damage. Customers agrees to hold harmless iPartyPalace or its owners and employees from and against any and all liability, claims, judgments, attorneys fees and costs, of every kind and nature. Including, but not limited to injuries or death to persons and damage to property, arising out of the use, maintenance, instruction, operation, possession, ownership or rental of the item rented.  However caused, except claims or litigation arising through the sole negligence or willful misconduct of iPartyPalace.
  2. Assumption of risk/Release-Discharge of Liability: Customer is fully aware and acknowledges there is a risk of injury or damage arising out fo the use of operating of the items rented here under and hereby elects to voluntarily enter into this rental agreement and assume all of the above risks of injury or damage. Customer agrees to release and discharge iPartyPalace and its owners from any and all responsibility of liability from such injury or damage arising out of the use or operation of the rental items: and customer further agrees to waive, release and discharge any and all claims for injury or damage against iPartyPalace which customer otherwise may be entitled to assert. 
  3. Children's safety depends upon you the Lessee of this equipment: Your personal supervision is absolutely required. As the Customer of the iPartyPalace unit the safety of all riders is your responsibility.
  4. Absolutely no "silly string", gum, candy or food or other sticky substances are allowed in the iPartyPalace unit. If upon pick up such cleaning is required from, gum, candy or food a cleaning fee of 50.00 will automatically be imposed. 
  5. Warning: Absolutely NO: Shoes, glasses, candy, gum, sprays, food, sodas, wrestling, flips, piling, bouncing on sides or hanging from top tubes, pulling on net, wet feet or wet clothing for any reason. 
  6. Unit: Equipment, rent and term of rental agreement. 
    1. Replacement Fee for Jumper/Slide/Combos/Tent/Canopy 20x20 and bigger  $3,000
    2. Tables: No staples or pins on edge of tables. Every damage or lost tale is 100.00
    3. Canopy/Tent: Any type of permanent damage to the tent walls or poles is 150.00 each item. Including any damage from extreme weather conditions such as high winds or negligence of the Lessee to the tent.
    4. Helium Tanks: Every damage or lost helium tank is 200.00
    5. Concessions Machines: Every damage or lost concession machine is 700.00
    6. Outdoor heaters: Every damage or lost ODH is 250.00
    7. All other iPartyPalace damaged or lost equipment is 150.00 each item. 
    8. The fee stated above is payable to iPartyPalace
  7. Special Instructions: The iPartyPalace unit equipment is reliable. Should the iPartyPalace unit begin to deflate please check the following before calling iPartyPalace.
    1. The motor has stopped in which case check the cord connection. Remember to keep only 100 foot extension cord on the outlet.
    2. If the motor is continuing to run, check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage and check both tubes at the back of the iPartyPalace unit for snugness, retie if necessary. 
    3. If you cannot correct the problem please call 909-660-0212 or 909-247-8329 
  8. Rental items pick up by customer on Friday or Saturday are to return the items no later than Monday by 5pm; otherwise an extra rental fee will be charged and paid by the customer. 
  9. Safety Rules:

Jumper Size  Children under 8  Children 8-12  Teens   Adults
 13x13  5-8  4-6  3  2
 Combos/Slides  4  3  2  1

10. Linens: If a rental item is lost, not returned, torn, burned or soiled beyond cleaning, the replacement charge of 3 times the rental rate will be charged to the credit card on file or due by customer in cash. This charge will be in ADDITION to the rental charge.

11. DELIVERY to the address specified above the lessees. Lessee grandee Lessor  the right to enter the property at the said street address “Delivery” for the delivery and subsequent pick up of the IPARTY PALACE UNIT at the specified time. Once all rental items have been set up and a signed customer agreement has been completed all items are non refundable. In the case of extreme weather it is the Leseee responsibility to cancel their event and call iPartyPalace to tear down tent completely to reduce any further damage. No- credit or refund will be provided or returned.

iParty Palace reserves the right to change delivery day or time with reasonable arrival time to accommodate better  fuel efficient routes.


12. Transportation Expense: Except as provided herein, all charges in delivery and subsequent pick-up of the iPartyPalace units with respect to the delivery are included in the rental fee above. In the event that the iPartyPalace unit is not returned at the appointed time by the lessee, a 75.00 extra transportation fee shall automatically be imposed. 

13. Safe operation acknowledgment: Customer acknowledges that he/she has been instructed about and fully understand the safe operation of the iPartyPalace unit that is the subject of this rental agreement and customer agrees to observe all safety precautions. In additional, customer agrees to pay 3,000 US dollars if not returned or destroyed.  

14.Maintenance: Customer agrees to keep the iPartyPalace unit in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear excepted.

15. Warranty: iPartyPalace warrants that iPartyPalace unit leased under this Rental Agreement will be in good working order on the effective of the Rental Agreement. The iPartyPalace is supplied and maintained subject to this warranty. iPartyPalace's obligation under this rental Agreement is limited to repair or replacement of the iPartyPalace unit when iPartyPalace determines that it does not conform to this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and all obligation and liabilities on the part of the iPartyPalace for damages including, but not limited to consequent damages, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the iPartyPalace unit. 

16. Cancellations/Deposits: In the event of a cancellation the deposit or payments are not refundable. The deposit may be  transferred to reserve 13 x 13 bouncers, tables, chairs, concessions or linens in stock and available if booked within one year of the original date. All other items such as but not limited to Chocolate fountains, candy buffet, catering, tents and other personalized or special items such as artists and decor are subject to a  cancellation penalty fee or up to full payment upon cancellation. In the case of extreme weather conditions, it is up to the customer to cancel in advance. Any cancellation on the day of the event will incur a cancellation penalty.

17. Payments: Cash and all major credit cards are accepted. Payment is due upon delivery. A 3% convenience fee is applied to all credit card transactions. 

 18.Entire Agreement: The rental agreement constitutes the full agreement between iPartyPalace and customer. Time is of expense to this rental agreement. Customer acknowledges the receipt of the iPartyPalace unit, which is the subject of this rental agreement in good working order and repair. 



Tents are reserved only upon receipt of a signed rental contract and a 30% deposit. Final payment is due

the day of an installation. Inquiries and/or other proposals will not reserve tents. Tents are subject to

availability. A valid credit card is required for all tent reservations.


Cancellations of a tent order made twenty-one (21) days prior to installation date will forfeit 25% of the tent rental plus an on-site inspection fee (if one was conducted). Cancellation of a tent order made less than fourteen (14) days prior to installation date will forfeit 30% of the tent rental plus an on-site inspection fee (if one wasconducted). Cancellation of a tent order made less than three (3) days prior to installation date will forfeit 100%. of the tent rental plus an on-site inspection fee (if one was conducted). No cash refunds will be made for cancelled orders. Allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for any refunds.


Reduction or increases in tent sizes can be made up to three (3) days* before your installation date pending on availability.


Every effort will be made to accommodate requests to add available equipment to an order less than three (3)days before delivery. However, due to loading and delivery schedules those requests may not be available for delivery with your original order. Additional trips for delivery or pick-up will accrue additional fees per trip.

SITE INSPECTIONS will conduct site inspections for tent installations when deemed necessary by the company or the customer. Fees may be assessed for this service.


Our standard installation method involves building a tent at ground level. It is important to have the area clear of obstacles and obstructions before the installation crew arrives. Stand-by fees will be assessed if an area.


It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain any permits prior to the tent installation date. Customer is responsible for determining whether any underground utilities are present at an installation site if ground stakes are used. Customer will assume all responsibility for any damage to underground utilities incurred during the installation or take down of a tent. will assist in providing any relevant or necessary information or schematics to obtain a job permit.


Appropriate anchoring methods will be evaluated for each job. Customer is responsible for determining If water barrels are used as tent anchors it is the responsibility of the customer to provide an adequate, nearby source of water to fill the barrels. If there is not an adequate water source, alternative arrangements must be made for water, agreeable to Upon take-down, if water cannot be dumped from barrels at a tent site (within tent perimeter), please identify a suitable location that barrels may be emptied. Labor charges may be assessed for barrel removal if we are unable to empty barrels at a tent site.


All installations and take-downs of tenting will be performed by personnel. All tent prices have the labor for a standard, nearby ground level installation and take-down included. Non-standard installations (i.e.obstacles, deck, etc...) may be assessed additional labor fees based upon the circumstances of the job. It is very important to properly locate where a tent will be placed before it is erected. Once a frame is built, any change in location or orientation may result in a labor fee to re-position a tent, if at all possible. reserves the right to refuse to install or take-down a tent if inclement weather conditions create an unsafe situation for our crew, other persons and/or property.


While our tents and their components are considered to be a good working condition and may be engineered to meet certain standards, tents/canopies are temporary structures. Strong winds, snow loads, lightning and the like, may create situations that could threaten a tent’s viability. Customers should be aware of severe weather conditions and have a plan to evacuate a tent if such conditions manifest. If severe weather threatens a tent(s), it is the customer’s responsibility to evacuate the tent(s). In the event of projected or actual conditions, may dismantle or remove any equipment to ensure safety of persons or property. Cancellation once the equipment has been delivered will result in no refunds.

Tents are not guaranteed water or leak proof or wind proof. Any damage to a tent or its components due to weather will be charged for repair or replacement.


The renter assumes all responsibility for a tent when equipment is attached or installed to a tent frame or ‘canvas’ top, or if cooking, use of open flames, unapproved heaters, or other such items or circumstances (used in or around a tent) causes damage to a tent. Any additions to a tent or alternations to the anchoring system may potentially compromise a tents ability to stay erect. Any damage to a tent or its components will be charged for repair or replacement.


It is the customer’s responsibility to provide proper and adequate power sources for all electric items.


Customer agrees that if any legal proceedings are brought against IPARTYPALACE to recover compensation for injuries to individuals or damages to personal property occurring in connection with a customer’s event, the customer will provide a defense for IPARTYPALACE and any of its employees named in such proceedings and will indemnify IPARTYPALACE and its employees for any judgment rendered against them.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions!


Note: These policies do not supersede what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.