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This hard-working urn is able to brew the full 100 cups of coffee in about an hour, and 55 cups in under 40 minutes to keep up with the demands of your event.


100 Cups


•UL and NSF approval •100 cups in approx. 1 hour, and 55 cups in less than 40 minutes •Brews perfectly flavored coffee and holds at ideal serving temperature

100 Cups Coffee Urn



8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dishes and Coffee Urn (Total Savings: $9.00)

Price: $46.00
What's included: 8 Quart Chafing Dish (qty : 2), 100 Cups Coffee Urn (qty : 1)
Description: This bundle include 2 8 qt chafing dishes and our 100 cup Coffee Urn for the best bundle price.