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Do you want to hide the nasty tent poles on the ceiling of a tent? Use our customized elegant (ivory crush taffeta material) ceiling draping with a chandelier when you rent our 20x40 tent. You can also drape all 4 walls(with same material) and drape the leg poles any color to fit your theme! Installation included! Starting at 150.00




Can only be rented and installed with our 20x40 tents

Ceiling Draping & Chandelier



Tent Extras


Tent & Draping (Total Savings: $50.00)

Price: $375.00
What's included: Ceiling Draping & Chandelier (qty : 1), 20x40 Traditional Frame Tent (qty : 1)
Description: Our Tent Package includes a 20x40 tent, ceiling draping and a chandelier plus installation